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Almost everyone can benefit from coaching

It’s simply the process of taking a little out to assess areas of your life. Acknowledging the areas you’re really happy with and starting to improve the areas you are feeling less fulfilled with. For many clients that may be career, a personal relationship, confidence, direction in life, or time management. Our clients range from 16 to 68, and come from all backgrounds.

Coaching in NOT counselling. It’s a positive, exciting process that takes any area of your life to a new level. By chatting to a professional you’ll find you can be really honest, get to the root of the areas you want to change, and start doing something about it – in just one hour!

After just one session we guarantee you will feel more positive, focused and raring to go. It’s like a manicure…for the mind. So rather spend that time and money on a manicure, facial or massage why not choose to reward yourself in a lasting way that will make you feel great about yourself!

We have built our business through successful word of mouth and would love to answer any questions you have. Please check out the rest of our site and our sister company ‘The Happy Mum’.

We can also provide our service in your workplace. For very reasonably priced corporate packages please call us.

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From there you can decide if you'd like to book a full 1 hour session, either in the comfort of your own home or a convenient meeting place, at a time to suit you.

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